If you are like so many entrepreneurs that I meet, you’re probably a highly relational person. You’re very good at remembering people but bad at keeping track of the interactions you had with them. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools have replaced the outdated system of adding contacts to a phone in the hope that someday you remember what they’re there for.

What’s a CRM?

CRM tools store all your contacts in one central place and allow you to add notes like where you met and why you entered the person’s name in the first place. But the true value of a CRM is that it helps you keep track of the interactions you had with the person and will prompt you when to make contact again.

Reaching out to previous customers and prospects can be a daunting task for any busy business owner. When you finally get time to make a contact call, you often end up in the person’s voicemail or the timing of your call is not when the prospect is ready to buy!

How can InBound Marketing help?

InBound marketing can do some of the heavy lifting for you. When a person on your contact list visits your website, the InBound marketing software adds a note to your CRM. You immediately see when they were looking at your site, what pages they visited and for how long. Now you have a qualified reason to call, and you know that the topic of your conversation will be around what the contact was looking at on your site.

Get yourself ready:

  • Make sure your site is set up in such a way that people can quickly find what they’re looking for.
  • Structure your pages in such a way that you can easily track topics of interest. Use links and call to action buttons specific to that page to allow the software to take note of what your contact specifically wants.
  • Use the automated marketing features in the software to provide timely information to your contacts, relevant to the stage of their purchase decision.
  • Check on your CRM constantly and be quick to respond personally when the customer is ready to buy.
  • Not all CRM software is created equal. Make sure it is compatible with your InBound marketing program.