They’re people, not targets.

How to identify the personas you’re marketing to.



Dividing your target audience into “Personas” will bring a whole new perspective to your marketing. In the past we used to get hung up with Target Marketing, dividing our prospective audience into demographics and psychographics based on our marketing goals. The smaller the niche we were targeting, the more wasteful mass media became, annoying at least half those in the target audience that had no interest in what we had to say.


The problem is people are so different it’s hard to place them into a pre-defined cluster. And it’s not becoming any easier as today’s consumer is presented more options than ever before with a web of resources at their fingertips.

You need to focus on talking to people, not targets.

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4 Ways to Market Your Small Business For FREE

vanPicture courtesy Tyler Biddle, a friend who's services I highly recommend.

For the first time in the history of marketing, the same tried and tested marketing techniques used by large organizations are now equally available to small business owners. And, thanks to the internet, an ocean of tools, tips, infographics, touted by a myriad of experts are offered absolutely free.

But where is a business owner to start?

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How do you keep track of the spaghetti you call a contact list?

CRM options

If you are like so many entrepreneurs that I meet, you're probably a highly relational person. You're very good at remembering people but are bad at keeping track of the interactions you had with them. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools have replaced the outdated system of adding contacts to a phone in the hope that someday you remember what they're there for.

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Consumer behavior has changed… has your marketing?


Traditional advertising methods have presented us with many efficiency challenges and led to a host of sayings and clichés. No doubt you’ve heard of the expression “we know that half our advertising works, but we don’t know which half” or “we know it costs at least twice as much to attract new customers as it does to retain the ones we already have”. As a twenty-year advertising veteran, it’s hard for me to say this, but traditional advertising is inefficient, expensive and obtrusive.

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